The Wee Cup

Club members are encouraged to work on their fitness during summer, by participating in open water events. These awards recognise the best results achieved by an Essendon member in an official open water event :

Highest Placed Open Water Swimmer in any age category : 

2008Cathy SteereBryan WeeAlexandra Steere
2009Lisa AndersonLee HoweAlexandra Steere
2010Lisa AndersonAndrew LuedeckeNatalia Scally
2011Lisa AndersonDarren SteereNatalia Scally
2012Lisa AndersonAndrew LuedeckeNatalia Scally
2013Lisa AndersonLee HoweMonika Scally
2014Lisa AndersonMarcus Jones
2015Madeleine SteereAndrew Luedecke
2018LIsa Anderson