Summer League – Round 1

Hi everyone and welcome back to water polo!
Yes it’s been awhile… but like riding a bike, you never really forget how to play.  Having said that, many of us were quickly refreshed on some of the newer rules in play and benches were well utilised as players discovered how far their game fitness had really lapsed!
But it was great to catch up with everyone, and finally get back in the swing of it!

HERE’S SOME IMPORTANT STUFF(so please read carefully) :

Training at VU Pool – Monday nights
7.30pm : Subjuniors, youth & junior girls, senior women8.00pm : Youth boys and senior menFixtures for the current competition for all teams can be found here : 

Sub Junior Comp – Starts this weekend
Venue : Hawthorn Pool (1 Grace St)All players MUST be registeredArrive early to allow for Covid check-in procedures

Club Bathers and other club gear
We’ve had a number of people enquire about club merchandise.  In particular, our club bathers. We are currently in the process of putting together a new club design.  So whilst we are doing that, and firming up minimum numbers required, costs and suppliers, we are asking for expressions of interest from club members.Do you want bathers, caps, towels, hoodies, t-shirts or polo tops?Please emailTorben ( with a list of what you would be prepared to purchase (don’t worry about sizes for now).We will need to meet certain minimums for the run to go ahead.

Facebook Remember to LIKE our facebook page as we regularly upload all our game day photos.  Feel free to email me with any other content (or your own photos) for inclusion.

Now I think you’re ready to catch up on all the game night action in our Weekly Wrap :