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Essendon is keen to welcome new members and caters for those who have never played before right up to the most experienced.  

The Sub-Junior (12&U and 14&U) season coincides with Terms 4 and 1 of the school year, games are on Sundays.  Senior competitions consist of Winter Comp (April to July) and State Championships (September to December).

Water Polo Victoria offers a COME ‘N’ TRY membership that covers pool entry, insurance and coaching but does not cover any game fees.

Training is on Monday Evenings at Victoria University, Footscray (excluding School holidays or Public holidays) (Juniors 7.30 Seniors Women  8.00, Senior Men 8.30).

Please complete the form below so that we can make contact and introduce you to our club as well as sending a link for the COME ‘N’ TRY membership.

Senior Come’n’ Try Form

Junior Come ‘n’ Try Form

Water Polo Victoria is offering a short term Covid membership at no charge to get members back in the pool.  Fees will apply at a later date. Details of how playing members can upgrade (including the fee) will be communicated as soon as we have details from WPV. 

Essendon is committed to keeping these fees as close to pre-covid levels as possible.

New Youth Covid Membership Link

New Senior Covid Membership Link