Summer League : Rounds 4-8 & SubJuniors

Summer League : Rounds 4-8 & SubJuniors

Well after having a couple of quiet weeks, the past 7 days has been a frantic waterpolo fest with 14 games across our 9 teams! Now here’s all the important stuff to note :

TRAINING – Monday March 22 Training will continue in the coming weeks as per usual (we usually take a break for school hols/Easter, so will advise on that shortly).Sub juniors, youth girls, junior women and senior women : 7.30pmYouth boys and senior men : 8pm

MERCHANDISE/BATHERS We are currently finalising the design and pricing for a number of items, but we do have samples available to try on for sizing.  Mike Holtz will be carrying the sizing kit on Sunday (at the U14B games at Hawthorn then MSAC) and Sarah Kendell will be overseeing the fitouts on Monday night at training.  If you can’t make it to one of the U14B games or VU, Sarah is willing to have people drop by her home.  Please arrange this directly with Sarah : sarahlkendell@gmail.comThere is a sneaky draft pic of the new designer togs in the wrap this week!

FINALS – SUMMER LEAGUE Whilst there hasn’t been a formal announcement, the fixturing suggests that at least the top 4 teams (as per the ladder) will play off in a “finals” game.  It will be 1 Vs 2 (grand final game) and 3rd Vs 4th (to sort out the minor placings).  However, some grades appear to have games scheduled for every team!  We currently have 5 of our 8 teams with a chance to play in the Grand Final game! Good luck to all our players for the games ahead!

Now you are ready for all the match reports (and there are quite a few!) in our Weekly Wrap :