State Champs R14 + Junior Comp R5-9

Well our juniors have had a MAMMOTH weekend in the pool down at Geelong, with each of our teams playing 2-3 games over the course of the day, with some players signing on for 5 games! So this week’s Wrap is a bumper edition full of match reports and photos of our youngest members! We also completed Round 14 of the State Champs, and have just one more round to go, before the final 4 teams will be locked into the Final Series. At present, all 4 of our teams are still in the running to get there (we think!) based on an old ladder from R13. It seems WPV are a little slow to update the game and player stats.

Now here’s what you need to know

    Yes – training at VU as usual
    7.30pm for juniors and women
    8pm for men
    Irrespective of the night you usually play, the finals schedule will most likely see you having to play on a different night or day. At present, all our teams are a chance of finishing in the top 4, so I suggest you take note of these dates and days. This schedule applies to both men and women’s games :
    Sat Nov 30 – 1 v 2 Games start from 9.30am at MSAC (Major Semi)
    Tue Dec 3 – 3 v 4 Games start from 6pm at MSAC (Minor Semi)
    Thur Dec 5 – Loser of Major Semi v Winner of Minor Semi – Games start from 6pm at MSAC (Prelim)
    Sat Dec 7 – Winner of Major Semi v Winner of Prelim – Games start from 9.30am at MSAC (Grand Final)

Now you are ready for all the poolside action in our Weekly Wrap :