Marcus Jones


As we slowly come out of COVID-19 hibernation we and my waistline look forward to water polo returning. Many discussions are being had with WPV and swimming pools to restart water polo as soon as possible. At this stage we don’t have any firm information around restarting games or training as the COVID situation continues to regularly change.

What we do know (preliminary information):

  1. By mid-July we can all train, however at the moment we don’t have access to VUT pool as the pool remains closed – we are looking at alternatives.
  2. Player membership has been extended to 31/08/2020.
  3. Water Polo Victoria is planning a water polo competition with an aim to start at the end of July for ≈ 8 weeks.
  4. The summer competition (≈15 weeks) is planned to be played from October thru to March.
  5. Sub-junior competition is expected to proceed as normal.
  6. Club fees – club fees won’t be payable until future competitions are mapped and a club budget can be developed – it is our intent to minimise any impact to members during these difficult times.
  7. When we restart we will have to abide to COVID safe regulations including having a volunteer COVID Officer documenting member participation movements.

If you have any queries around the current the COVID situation please feel free to contact the committee for further information through the email address –

Last Tuesday (23/06/2020) evening we conducted our Annual General Meeting with record virtual attendance and I would like to welcome the below people to the EWPC committee:

PresidentMarcus Jones
TreasurerBrett Pullyblank
SecretaryBryan Wee
Club CoachDarren Steere
General CommitteeDaniel Gilbertson (COVID-19 Officer volunteer)
 Cath Steere
 Torben Fink-Jensen
 Matt Roberts (EFCSC representative)
 Mike Holtz
 Andrew Cover

A recording of the AGM is available on the club website along with a copy of the 2020 annual report.

Once more firm information is known we will contact you again – hopefully to advise training and games are about to restart!!!

See you all at the pool very soon,

Marcus Jones