2021 Winter Competition – Round 5

Apologies for the delayed Weekly Wrap email.
We were all excited to be back in the pool this week – and inspired by our Stingers and Sharks performances – I’m sure everyone’s game has lifted!But sadly this enthusiasm was short-lived as we are back in captivity once more.
Here’s the important stuff you need to know this week :

1.  TRAINING (VU Pool) – NO TRAINING (due to lockdown)
Get yourselves a basketball or netball and practice throwing up against a wall, unless you have a sibling, parent or partner to help out.

2.  GAMES NEXT WEEK CANCELLED Certainly all our women and youth boys will miss out next week, but our MSL5 team may still be OK for Thursday (TBC). 

At this stage, the trials are going ahead, so please register if you are interested (15s/17s/19s) using this link :

We are planning our next Presentation Night covering the last 12mths, including the 2021 Summer League and Sub Junior 2020-2021 Competition.
We are seeking prizes/items/vouchers to be donated for a silent auction and/or raffle.
At present we are looking at Oct 8 or Oct 9 (TBC).
If you can assist with a donation – please contact Bryan : bcjwee@gmail.com

Due to our BBQ fundraiser being cancelled twice, we have been given 2x $500 Bunnings vouchers which we are looking to convert to cash.
If anyone plans to spend up big at Bunnings in the near future, please let us know ASAP by contacting Bryan Wee

OK now that’s done, here’s all the real action from the pool (and I don’t mean in Tokyo!) The Weekly Wrap :