2021 Winter Competition – Round 4

Well here we go again! After waiting 7 weeks to play, games are officially off until further notice.  You have to feel for our men’s team, who were the only ones to miss out on playing with their game tonight cancelled. At least it gave them the opportunity to hit the pub before they closed their doors too.

Hopefully you will have received Torben’s detailed email earlier today, covering the following points :

  1. Training Monday night is off – due to lockdown 
  2. State trials scheduled over the weekend off (TBC) – due to lockdown 
  3. Games on Tuesday are off (WSL1/WSL3/JnrW/YthG) – due to lockdown 
  4. Games scheduled for Weds/Thurs could be affected (TBC) 
  5. Club Merchandise : the hoodies have arrived (but not the other stuff) – will hand out after lockdown 
  6. Water Polo Australia are seeking players aged 15-21 for a new youth advisory committee 

We are crossing our fingers that we will be out of lockdown for the Bunnings Fundraiser on July 24 !!

Check out our FB page for game night photos!

And click here to see The Weekly Wrap : http://essendonwaterpolo.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/2021-Winter-Comp-R4.pdf