2021 Winter Competition – Round 2

2021 Winter Competition – Round 2
Round 2 of the Winter Competition is now complete as everyone gets back into the swing of things.  Thankyou to everyone who attended our AGM on Monday night - we do have a new club president in Bryan Wee.  All our new committee members and their roles will be published on our website soon, and we are grateful for such a solid show of support as we get this club moving into 2021 and beyond!

Just 2 reminders....

Back to our usual format and timing 
7.30pm - sub-juniors, YthG, JnrW and senior women
8.00pm - YthB and senior men

Most bather and hoodie orders have been distributed, but if you are still waiting to get yours be sure to attend training next week to collect it.
Now here's all the game night action from the pool this week, in our Weekly Wrap :