2019 Winter Comp – Round 2

Most teams have now completed Round 2 of the Winter Competition, but our men’s team kick started their campaign this week after losing a round to Anzac Day.  They will have a catch-up game on Sunday May 19, so until then they will be a week behind everyone else!

Some IMPORTANT announcements below…..

1.  ESSENDON WATER POLO CLUB – Annual General Meeting June 3, 2019
Please note that the club’s AGM will be held at VU before training, on Monday June 3 at 7pm.  All members and parents are welcome to attend and are encouraged to join the committee.  There are a variety of roles up for grabs, some small and others large but you are guaranteed to have some fun and you’ll be rewarded in the knowledge you have played a significant role in the growth and shaping of this club.

Best wishes to one of our WSL2/WSL3 players Roslyn Jones and hubby Will who are expecting their second child due later this year.  A little brother or sister for Amira.  Congratulations you two!!

Don’t forget – youth and senior players (men and women) all kick start training at 7.30pm on Monday nights.
There is still no training for subjuniors as yet

Now here’s The Weekly Wrap : http://essendonwaterpolo.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/2019-WinterComp-R2.pdf